Work Style

A work environment that adapts to the times.
We are dedicated to working in different ways, including remote work, shared offices, and side jobs.

In-house environment

A place where people can work
together to create experiences that
astound the world

To ensure that all employees are able to play an active role,
we put a great deal of effort into onboarding, training,
operation of an evaluation system, 1-on-1 training, support for developing skills, and other initiatives.
Even as the scale of the company grows, by carrying out “YAGOO Lunches”—periodic opportunities for employees to speak with the president—and monthly meetings that all employees attend, we ensure that every employee is aware of what initiatives COVER is implementing. We also verify the perspectives of all employees in order to promote our value of daring to take action.

A culture that respects creativity
and utilizes individual strengths

So that employees find it easy to talk to one another on a normal basis, we carry out a range of initiatives aimed at improving communication within the company, including welcome lunches for new employees and COVER Café, where members can interact. In these ways, we encourage a culture of taking responsibility as a team.
Throughout the fiscal year, we award the employees who embody our values and get results. Through this and other efforts, we make sure employees place importance on respecting one another, taking on challenges, and working to the end of a project, and we work hard to foster an atmosphere where employees feel they progress together.

Details of the job and employee benefits

Basic Employment Information

Flextime system

We have adopted a flextime system for work hours.

・Employees decide when to start and end work within a certain time frame at their own discretion.

・The recommended daily working hours (core hours) are set by each department.

・Core hours vary between 11:00 and 17:00 for each department.

Remote work system
Mainly as a measure against COVID-19, we provide flexibility in terms of where and when employees can work, and adjust the balance between coming to work and working remotely for each department.
We have established an environment that allows employees to come to the office and/or work remotely without worry, such as by holding online meetings and setting up in-house telecubes with ventilation.
Side jobs allowed
To enable all employees, not just creators, to practice a variety of work styles, we allow employees to take side jobs to the extent that it does not interfere with their work, provided that it leads to the improvement of their own skills and growth.
* In-house rules apply.
Days off
We have adopted a policy of two full days off a week (Saturday and Sunday) and national holidays.
Paid leave
Employees are granted ten days of paid leave in either the month of April or October nearest their date of hire.
Thereafter, paid leave is granted according to the number of years the person has been employed, and can also be taken in half-day increments.
Summer leave
Employees are entitled to three days of summer leave between July and September, which can be taken at any time during this period and for any number of days.
Year-end and New Year leave
Employees are entitled to four days off during the period from December to March for the year-end and New Year holiday season, which can be taken at any time during this period and for any number of days.
Special leave to attend weddings or funerals
Employees are granted the number of days stipulated in the employment regulations in the event that they have to take leave to attend weddings or funerals.
Maternity leave
Employees are granted a leave of absence of six weeks before childbirth (14 weeks in the case of multiple pregnancy) to eight weeks after childbirth.
Childcare leave
Employees may take childcare leave until the child reaches the age of one year.
*In special circumstances, such as when a child cannot be admitted to a daycare center, the leave can be extended until the child reaches two years of age.
Leave for vaccinations
Taking into account such things as the possible adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination, employees are granted leave for vaccinations in accordance with the number of times they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


Provision of commuting expenses
We provide commuting expenses of up to 50,000 yen per month.
Insurance coverage
We provide employees with four types of insurance: health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance.
Office convenience store/placement type company cafeteria/water servers
Having introduced a flextime system, we have installed water servers and put in place a healthy meal service so that our employees can eat at their preferred time.
Loaning of PCs, accessories, etc.
We have employees in a variety of positions, including designers and engineers. As such, we lend PCs and devices in high-spec configurations suitable for each position.
Coverage for the cost of initial and periodic health checkups, etc.
In order to maintain the health of our employees, we cover the cost of medical checkups required under the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
Coverage for the cost of influenza vaccinations, etc.
In order to maintain the health of our employees and prevent the spread of the influenza virus, we bear some of the costs of vaccinations.
Mental health care
To detect early signs of low motivation and improve productivity among employees, we conduct stress checkups for all employees on a regular basis, set up an in-house contact point, and arrange consultations with industrial physicians.
Company-wide events
Because we have employees with diverse job functions, we provide opportunities for active communication with colleagues and connections that transcend business and departmental boundaries.
In-house club activities, year-end parties, New Year’s parties, and general meetings of employees are held regularly, along with events that are unique to our company and cannot be experienced in the ordinary course of business.
Babysitter subsidy system
Employees with children receive a fixed amount of subsidy per child when using the services of a babysitter. Eligibility is as follows:
・Employees with children between the ages of 0 and third grade of elementary school
・Employees with children up to the sixth grade of elementary school (children who have been issued a physical disability certificate or a rehabilitation certificate) who need sound upbringing and care

Information for Applicants & Job Applications