We have brought together
information on the ideal
we expect of prospective employees
and our goals for the future.
We look forward to
welcoming every new employee to our team.

Ideal Candidate

COVER aims to be a company that creates next-generation global culture.

This is our greatest unprecedented challenges.
To achieve this, we must develop content that resonates with people's hearts, and pursue technologies, including streaming application.

To work at COVER, you must be a professional who has established his or her own specialized fields of expertise.

You must also be willing to take on unprecedented challenges through co-creation, both within the company and with external creators and partner companies.

For those who possess such determination, we will provide a stage where they can exercise their abilities to the fullest.

Future Outlook

Together, Let's Create Culture Loved by All—That is our mission, and to achieve it we will continue to pioneer a new virtual realm.
Motoaki Tanigo, our CEO, and Ikko Fukuda, our CTO, discuss the outlook.

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Work Style

A work environment that adapts to the times.
We are dedicated to working in different ways, including remote work, shared offices,
and side jobs.

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