Future Outlook

Together, Let's Create Culture Loved by All—That is our mission, and to achieve it we will continue to pioneer a new virtual realm.
Motoaki Tanigo, our CEO, and Ikko Fukuda, our CTO, discuss the outlook.

Turning Culture from Japan into Culture Loved by All


When we started this business, the word "VTuber" didn't even exist. In the last few years, however, the VTuber business has grown rapidly, extending beyond Japan and making inroads overseas. hololive production, the VTuber agency operated by COVER, has launched top-class VTubers not only in Japan but also in Asia and English-speaking countries. I think the VTuber business is stepping onto a new stage, where we strive to be loved by a wider range of demographics in Japan, and a broader fan base overseas.


Even VTubers who started out with video streaming have branched off into various activities such as concerts & events, and merchandising. As the fan base grows, the value of hololive's intellectual property increases, and I have a strong sense that all sorts of new possibilities are emerging. We want to globally disseminate the culture that is the pride of Japan, while combining the best points of content Japan is globally renowned for, such as Manga, Anime, and games.

Co-creating with Fans and Creators All Over the World


We've seen a sudden acceleration in online communication due to the popularization of remote work. Today, people all over the world can simultaneously share the same entertainment content, and this involves more than just watching content. New forms of enjoyment are emerging where fans themselves are creators—translating content into the languages of their own countries, or re-editing content for further dissemination, and this generates a lot of excitement.

To enhance people's enjoyment of entertainment content, it is crucial to broaden the experience itself, by co-creating with creators in various genres, and striving for outstanding content. For example, we want to build systems enabling linkage with sites other than YouTube, and communication across national borders. For that purpose, we need advanced technologies like VR and AR. We want to drive the evolution of this culture, on a foundation of co-creation with fans and creators.

Expanding Online Communication into Virtual Spaces


Images, videos, and online communication have evolved into a richer experience, and we've entered an era where you can converse with people all over the world inside a 3D online game. Environments are being developed where a concert can be held for tens of millions of people in a 3D space.

Like the dissemination of social network games on mobile phones, 3D online games will expand virtual communication going forward. COVER has paid close attention to this and started working on metaverse developments.

Boldly Taking up the Challenge of Building the Future


We ventured into the new realm of VTubers, which did not even exist at the time, and today we are once again stepping into a new realm. Every day, we are tackling the challenges of moving toward our envisioned new world, while building an organizational structure enabling game development. Our team's enthusiasm is extremely high. We are co-creating with popular creators inside and outside Japan, and high-quality 3D games are taking shape.


With technological prohress, a future will definitely arrive where people can enjoy content in virtual spaces. For example, if we imagine conditions ten years from now, each person will likely have a character in the virtual world, and we will live in worlds connected by shared interests. As a company working toward that future, we will continue to boldly tackle challenges, and create entertainment that transcend national boundaries and generations.

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