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Gain new fans and Maximize promotion results.

COVER operates "hololive production," a VTuber group with worldwide popularity.
We are capable of various collaborations and promotions using our talents with partners from game industry, major store franchises, and F&B companies.

  1. Overwhelming Reach and Influence to Audience

    Frequent JP #1 trending on Twitter!

  2. Global Popularity

    Reach out to 50.7 million people worldwide!

    ※As of end of September 2021

  3. High Customer Engagement

    Multiple collaborative products sold out within 10 minutes of going on sale!


  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Game play, product introduction, food report, etc.

  • Promotion Streaming

    Promotion Streaming

    3D animated videos, original music videos, SNS announcement videos, etc.

  • Digital IP Collabotration

    Digital IP Collabotration

    In-game collaboration, music collaboration, voice acting, ect.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Brand Ambassador

    Product display during stream, SNS diffusion, etc.

  • Appearance in Events and Programs

    Appearance in Events and Programs

    Animation, online programs, appearances at real events, etc.

  • Product Collaboration

    Product Collaboration

    Collaboration goods, collaboration benefits, etc.


With over 50.7 million fans on YouTube, hololive production is a VTuber agency with fans not only in Japan but all over the world.

※As of end of September 2021

Features of hololive production

  • Number of subscribers to Youtube channel

    50.7 million subscribers

    ※As of end of September 2021

  • Total Youtube views

    4.36 billion viewed

    ※As of end of September 2021

  • Total media reach of advertising projects

    Up to about 800 million


Strong SNS reach

Very high reach can be expected on Twitter.
Our first and second live shows were the top trending shows in the world on Twitter.