VTuber Production

COVER operates hololive production, an agency which has produced many VTubers with a global presence.
Our level of service is unmatched in the industry, with affiliated VTubers offering daily live streaming and high-quality concerts & events, fostering some of the world's leading VTuber intellectual property and a highly engaged fan community.

A VTuber agency with a global presence
hololive production

hololive production is a VTuber production agency that operates multiple VTuber groups.
Our company is defined by superior brand power fostered through extensive interaction between VTubers and their fans.

Scale of hololive production

*As of March 2024
  • 88.4million
    Total number of subscribers
    across all of our YouTube channels.
  • 14billion
    Total views on YouTube
  • 38
    Number of VTubers
    with 1 million subscribers
Operating group
*As of March 2024
Total Number
of VTubers
  • Number of VTubers34
  • Number of VTubers15
  • Number of VTubers9
  • Number of VTubers13
  • Number of VTubers10
  • Number of VTubers5

Streaming / Content
A wide variety of talent activities

Every day, VTubers interact with fans through diverse activities including game streams, interactive streams, variety shows, Anime, music releases, etc.

Day-to-day activities

  • YouTube Live Streaming (3D)
    Online content utilizing high-quality 3D avatars
  • YouTube Live Streaming (2D)
    Wide variety of streams such as game streams, karaoke streams, chatting streams, and collaborations.
  • Variety Shows
    Special streams and videos that showcase a special side of our talented VTubers on our official channels
  • Music Streaming
    Original music offered on our YouTube channels and various music streaming platforms
    hololive discography
  • 3D Animation
    Weekly 3D animations that showcase the daily lives of our VTubers

Concerts / Events
A more special VTuber experience

We provide a more accessible VTuber experience by hosting concerts and a variety of events starring VTubers, both online and offline.


  • Online concerts
  • Offline concerts
  • Various events (in Japan and elsewhere)

Applications and content that drive
engagement with fans

Aside from daily activities and content, we are developing an application and content to help fans further support our Vtubers, as well as promoting fan community interaction.


hololy image
This smartphone application lets the user take photos and videos with our VTubers using AR technology.
holoplus image
This smartphone application lets the user easily find information about hololive production and enjoy a fan community with other like-minded fans.