Winning New Fans toMaximize the Effectiveness
of Promotions

COVER operates hololive production, an agency which has produced many VTubers with a global presence.
We are available for various collaborations and promotions featuring our VTuber performers. Our portfolio includes clients in a variety of industries, including game-related companies, major convenience stores, and food and beverage manufacturers.

COVER's Strengths

01Overwhelming Reach and
Influence to Audience

JP #1 trending on Twitter multiple times!

Total media reach of
advertising projects
Total views on YouTube
Twitter Trends Worldwide
# 1
Number of VTubers
with 1 million subscribers

02Global Popularity

More than 74 million total subscribers globally
Ability to reach fans worldwide

* As of late February 2023

03High Customer Engagement

Multiple collaborative products
sold out within 10 minutes
of going on sale!


Gawr Gura x SuperGroupies Collection is Now Available for Pre-Order

    hololive GAMERS – hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 & hololive 5th fes. – Keycap Set is Now Available

      hololive English -Myth-‘s Gawr Gura Teams Up with SUSHIRO TAIWAN Starting February 19!

        hololive production x CAPSULE POP-UP STORE in 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival from February 24th

          “Gurarium in Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium” Collaboration with hololive English VTuber Gawr Gura Until February 29th!

            COVER Corporation Collaborates with We’s Star Ltd. for Mori Calliope themed Liqueur “MoriZakura もり桜”

              list of cases




              Game streams,
              product reviews,
              food reviews, and more
              PR videos

              PR Video

              3D animations,
              original music videos,
              promotional videos
              on social networks,
              and more
              Product collaborations


              Collaboration merchandise,
              perks, and more
              Digital IP collaborations

              Digital IP

              In-game collaborations, music collaborations, voice actor appointments, and more


              Product promotion on streams and social networks, and more
              Event and
              media appearances


              online shows,
              offline events, and more

              About hololive production

              A VTuber agency with more than 74 million fans around the world on YouTube

              In addition to the female VTuber group hololive, our agency’s leading group, we also operate hololive Indonesia and hololive English, which are mainly active outside of Japan. We also manage the male group HOLOSTARS and HOLOSTARS ENGLISH.

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