Privacy Policy

COVER Corporation (hereafter referred to as “we/us/our”) values the privacy of the users of its website and services (the “User” or “you”). Any personal information you may provide to the website shall be managed in accordance with this policy.

Scope of Personal Information

We identify personal information as any such information that can be used to identify individual users, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Information that the user fills in and provides to us on the registration form for membership to our services, the forms for product purchases, and other related forms.
  2. Other information provided by the user with respect to our services.

We do not share any personal information to a third party, except in cases where we and an external collection company have settled with a confidentiality agreement for the latter to collect this information. In these cases, the user is informed of any such arrangement before the information is collected.
Furthermore, this Privacy Policy does not apply to websites that merely link to our services, and as such we bare no obligation or responsibility for the data shared by these external sites. For these cases, please consult the privacy policy of each respective website.

In addition, the information disclosed by our services does not reveal information that may identify individual users.

Collection of Information

  • Apart from personal information, the Company may collect other relevant information for the purposes of improving our services for the users’ enjoyment and convenience.
  • The Company uses the Apple-provided TrueDepth API and other technologies to acquire the face expression and tracking data for character control functionality. This data is used only for the purposes of controlling the character, and is in no way saved and shared to a third party.
  • We may ask you for personal information on pages or events provided by us or our partners for sweepstakes and other surveys.
  • When a member logs in to our services, we will be able to see how the member uses the service.
  • When a user browses or uses a page of our services, we automatically acquire their IP address and cookie information.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We use personal information collected through our services for the following purposes:

  • To provide and display services and advertisements that are suited to the usage, hobbies, and preferences of each user.
  • To develop new services based on the interests of users.
  • To deliver products if a user wins a giveaway.
  • To provide users with necessary notices for site operation.
  • To use in statistical analysis.

The results of statistical analysis may be disclosed to third parties, although individual personal information will not be included in these results.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties. However, the following cases are excluded.

  1. When there is consent from the user themselves to share this information.
  2. When a company that conducts business on our behalf for the purpose of providing products and services to users needs information (i.e. delivery address for a courier service). In these cases, we and the external company have a confidentiality agreement on the data, and the latter cannot use information beyond the scope necessary for the relevant business.', 'When a formal inquiry to be used for legal purposes is received from a public organization such as a court, a bar association, or the police.
  3. When it is deemed necessary to protect our rights, property, services, etc.
  4. When there is an immediate danger to human life, body, property, etc., and there is an urgent need to release the information.
    In addition, when a partner company collects and uses user information through us via an event or similar, the user will be informed of such an arrangement, and we will provide the partner company with the information only upon the user’s consent.

Regarding Use and Collection of Cookies

Some our services use cookies in order to improve the site to user satisfaction.

Cookies are small files that are sent and received between the browser and server when browsing the web. If you have set your computer to accept cookies, the cookies will be saved in the specified location on your computer.
By using cookies, the server of our services can record which pages in the services of a particular computer has visited (hereafter, “cookie information”). Rest assured, however, that the user cannot be individually identified in the server unless they enter their personal information in our services.
In addition, the user can change their browser settings to refuse to accept cookies or to display a warning when a cookie is received (please check the respective browser documentation for more information). However, if the user refuses to receive cookies, they may be unable to access some of our services.

Our services use cookies for the following purposes:

  • May be used to confirm unauthorized use of the service.
  • May be used to identify members and access their registration information in our services (to provide a customized user experience).
  • May be used to tailor advertisments to suit user preferences.
  • May be used to measure the number of users and perform statistical analysis of user data.

About Access Logs

We record the information in the form of an access log on our server and store it for a certain period of time when users access the web page of our service. The contents recorded in the access log include the date and time of access, IP address, type of browser used, and cookie information. These are used as operational information of our server for the purpose of improving server accessibility, server management, and for investigating unauthorized use.

Inquiries Regarding Registration Information The personal information registered at the time of membership registration etc. can be changed at any time by the user on the prescribed page in our services.

Please contact us if you are unable to make changes yourself for any reason, or for your personal information.


We reserve the right to revise each of the terms, guidelines, and general terms and conditions (“the Agreements”) without notice to members. The revised terms shall apply to all members regardless of whether they are before and after the revision. The revised terms shall be announced via the website or e-mail.

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